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This law firm is affiliated with attorneys with a collective experience of 60 years. Our attorneys have all been divorced individually so they understand your pain, emotion and desire to protect yourself. We understand what you are going through, we have been there ourselves. One who has not felt the pain, the emotional assault and injuries and has not tasted the bitter flavor of DIVORCE would not ever understand you, and therefore could not guide you through these dark times.

Reality is this "DIVORCE is the final chapter of a beautiful book" Now you need to close this book and buy yourself a different subject.

We are not Psychologist, or Psychiatrist, nor do we wish to be one. Our job is to protect your rights, we are TROYS of the courtrooms, simply put we are your "BODY GUARDS".

This Law Firm has its own:

  • California Licensed Private Investigators.
  • California Licensed Real Estate Appraisers.
  • California Licensed Real Estate Agents.
  • California Licensed Real Estate Brokers.
  • California Licensed Insurance Brokers.
  • California Licensed C.P.As.
  • California Licensed Forensic Accountants.
  • California Licensed Child Psychologists.
  • California Licensed Family Evaluators.
  • California Licensed Family Asset Evaluators.

Basically, we have any expert in any specialty which is required to win your case with respect to Child custody, Child visitation, Legal and Physical Custody and last but not the least the Division of Community Property.

What do you think the chances of your winnings are now?

Our Mission Statement is as follows:

Either They are with us, or against us.

If they are staying with you they are with you, and if they are leaving you then they are against us.



F. Bari Nejadpour & Associates, a Professional Law Corporation

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