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Los Angeles, California — August 21, 2007. The Law Offices of NEJADPOUR & ASSOCIATES was retained to represent Sindeelou Thomson in Thomson v. John Doolittle, the U.S. Congressman from the 4th District of California.

Our client, Mrs. Thomson replied to the e-mail from Congressman Doolittle, asking not to be harassed, but the spam continued. Mrs. Thomson called Doolittle's district office, as per the instructions contained in the Doolittle's spam with no results. Thereafter our client, Mrs. Thomson, filed suit in small claims court, the Congressman Doolittle upon removed the case to Federal Court, and then offered to stop e-mailing, only if our client dropped her lawsuit. Doolittle removed the small claims case to federal court only to intimidate Mrs. Thomson, in order to force my client to drop the claim or spend money on an attorney. Attorney Nejadpour stated that based on my computer engineer, Mr. William Silverstein who is an expert in the Spam business, it appears as though Mrs. Thomson’s e-mail address, was scraped, in violation of the CAN-SPAM Act, from the West Virginia University where her husband was contracted to teach security, from terrorist threats, to Indian tribes.

Attorney Nejadpour stated that Doolittle violates the CAN-SPAM Act, which he himself voted for and which was passed to become the law as of January 1, 2004. The CAN-SPAM Act, legalized spam by eviscerating California law. Within the first year of passage of CAN-SPAM Act, also referred to as the I-CAN-SPAM Act, the amount of spam has increased by over 1,000%. Our client filed in small claims court, the common person's court. Doolittle claiming he is above the law, removed to Federal court requiring Mrs. Thomson to retain an attorney. We took this case to fully represent Mrs. Thomson in order to show the big guys that the little guy can also stand up for herself. Because we believe people’s e-mail boxes are not the waste baskets of Spammers and that Mrs. Thomson deserves her day in court we will be vigorously defending her and prosecuting her claim against Congressman Doolittle. It is shameful that the only way for Mrs. Thomson to get the attention of her own congressperson, was to file a lawsuit.

Apparently, there are only three ways to get Congressman Doolittle’s attention, be part of a special interest, a large campaign contributor, or file a lawsuit attorney.


Give your opinion to Congressman John Doolittle.



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