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William Silverstein

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Mr. Silverstein is our expert computer consultant. He has over twenty years of software development experience.

Mr. Silverstein is one of the original computer geeks. Though he has a degree in computer science, he is mostly self taught in computers. He has been developing internet applications, utilities, and servers since 1995.

In high school, the school staff depended on him to handle the difficult programming tasks on a PDP 11/34 with a whopping 128k of memory. After graduating high school in 1981, he landed a summer programming position at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, This summer position led him to a part time teaching assistant position at the Lowell Institute School of M.I.T.

Mr. Silverstein has been working full time in computers since 1982, while completing his degree on a part time basis. He worked on a wide variety of programs and systems ranging printer drivers for IBM's OS/2 operating system to the Trivia Fever game and to navigation systems used by various militaries around the world.

Currently Mr. Silverstein operates a small ISP and works on various programming projects.



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